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  The main goals of neo-Pantheism and Religious Naturalism of science, spirituality, and stewardship form a strong ecological point of view to our life on Earth. neo-Pantheism unites science and spirituality with an ecology that connects us to the natural world around us. It is a way of realizing the interconnectivity that is and has always been. Humans, other life forms, and inanimate Nature are one, part of an emergent Oneness, justifying a skillful stewardship for it all.  

Ten ecological resolves of neo-Pantheism 

We shall:

  • accept responsibility for the future of our species and planetary life
  • manage and do those things necessary for the continuation of this life
  • hold life, in its many forms, as a revered process
  • stand in awe and wonder of life but not more so than for what it is
  • take on sustainability as a moral commitment and not exhaust the non-renewable resources of the Earth
  • disturb the face of the Earth no more than is needed and strive wherever possible to preserve its inherent beauty
  • balance the needs of ourselves, tribe and nation to maximize the future of a necessary global society in harmony with its ecosphere
  • limit the human population to the carrying capacity of the Earth’s ecosystem
  • aid the continuation of life by understanding it to the best of our ability
  • embrace the apparent self-sacrifices that may be required to promote these resolves seeing them as intelligent self-interest 

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