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A new paradigm

  “a revived or reconceived variation of pantheism, the belief that the Universe is sacred and should be revered: any of a number of modern forms of present-day renditions of pantheism, as distinguished from earlier, more classical perspectives” – Wiktionary definition and a form of Religious Naturalism

  Hello, I'm Jerald L. Robertson. I welcome you to a new paradigm of religious belief or worldview. It is a consilience of things I think a modern rational framework of belief should contain. Mankind is not the objective of some God or the Cosmos. At best, we may be the apex of the wondrous evolutionary event that is in process on this little planet we call Earth. We could use an outlook that facilitates what is going on. neo-Pantheism is my attempt to do that. I hope what follows you will find interesting and perhaps enticing.

   neo-Pantheism is a humanistic paradigm characterized by an awesome Universe with a Goddess-like essence to it that shows us the Tao (way), an unconventional type of monotheism and a naturalistic spirituality. Its ethical base is human survival, wellbeing, enlightenment, family, and virtue. Sexual equality and self-responsibility (Karma) are advocated. It is naturalistic in that it is guided by science and reason and worships nothing as divine. It envisions a grand Destiny for mankind in a saner and more secular future world.

  neo-Pantheism is also a form of the Religious Naturalism paradigm which is explained later. But first, let me tell you who I think may find this outlook appealing. 


Many people world wide

Those seeking a modern religious/philosophical outlook free of supernaturalism

Lovers of Nature

environmentalists, biologists, neo-Darwinists, gardeners, Native Americans, Pantheists,

Rational thinkers

scientists, realists, the balanced & sane

Those seeking an improved personal belief

unchurched persons, neo-Christians, home schoolers, pacifists

Like thinkers

Agnostics, Humanists, New Agers, Free Thinkers, Stoics

Related beliefs

Religious Naturalists,Taoists, Hindus, Western Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists, liberal Quakers and Jews, perhaps Bahai


young ones and open minded old ones 

The curious

most every one

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