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  The Tenets on the previous page are the defining elements of neo-Pantheism that script the following pledge: 

◊ I acknowledge the Tenets of neo-Pantheism and avow their validity

◊ I strive to survive

◊ I work to have wellbeing

◊ I practice correct thinking

◊ I believe in many holy things

◊ I endeavor to live a virtuous life

◊ I practice devotion to these things

◊ I have a naturalistic outlook on the world

◊ I revel in the beauty and spirituality found in Nature

◊ I stand in awe of the immensity and complexity of the Universe

◊ I follow and advocate using the Words of Wisdom of neo-Pantheism

◊ I especially value the common moral decencies and ethics excellences

◊ I consider mankind an interconnected, inseparable and key part of Nature on this planet

◊ I support the perpetual evolution of the spirit, wisdom, and body of mankind

◊ I explain the existence of mankind as part of the evolution of the Earth

◊ I will promote rational compassionate stewardship for Nature's domain

◊ I will be an honest and fair trader in human relationships

◊ I seek internal peace and righteousness

◊ I walk the Tao to enlightenment

◊ I accept the truth and new knowledge

◊ I approve of joyful living

◊ I worship no entity

◊ I advocate the separation of church and state

◊ I will keep good company and listen to astute sages

◊ I support only benevolent and compassionate enterprises

◊ I balance the rights of the individual with the good of mankind

◊ I judge the merits of my deeds by the totality of bad or good they do

◊ I do unto others as life events and rationality would have me do

◊ I will help the deserving and not hurt them or the innocent

◊ I hold all persons as equals and will not violate their rights as individuals

◊ I champion efforts making mankind happier, healthier and more complete

◊ I treasure family, life, liberty, privacy, creativity, and peace

◊ I nurture myself and recognize my egoism as proper

◊ I especially honor my mother for giving me life

◊ I will defend the rightness of the above actions

◊ I do these things as best I can

Suggestions for editing these items are welcomed - JLR 4/09/18